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Canada x Reader – Outdated

Summary: Canada Hetaloid gets thrown out for being outdated.

It was just an ordinary day, with the same breakfast you've been eating every day. You were finally out on your own, and situations were tough. The comedians weren't kidding when they cracked jokes about eating granola and top ramen. Though whenever you got sick of ramen, you switched to chicken noodle soup. Anything that was cheap so you could get your college over with. It wasn't that hard, but it did put a dent in your wallet in order to do. Day to day you just went there, did your work, didn't talk to anyone, and went home. Lately, though, you've been seeing less interaction, and a few of these androids running around. You overheard someone commenting they were called Hetaloids or something along those lines. You checked them on your phone and found them to obviously be out of your budget, which disappointed you, but hey, you could always look. There's an especially friendly one you've taken a liking to, and he belonged to one of the male students who wants to become a chief. The android's name is Feliciano, and he's a friendly Italian that loves to say hi to you whenever your paths cross. Though he does it to everyone.

Today, you were taking a longer route home so you could go to the public library. Sure, the college has one, but it happened to be crowdy. You didn't mind, you liked to study at home anyways. Along your way, you noticed a bundled person shivering at the corner of an apartment building. He looked like a regular male your age, but why was he sitting out in freezing weather? You cautiously approached him, figuring he might have ran away from home or maybe just got kicked out by his girlfriend. "U-um. Are you alright?" At first, he didn't answer, but when you placed your hand against his arm, his head shot up, eyes wide and starring at you. There were dried tears clinging to his face, making them slightly red. You gave a smile. "You OK there?"

"You see me?" This made you do a double take, quite alarmed by the comment.

"Well, yeah . . . You aren't a ghost or something, right?" He giggled softly, making you smile. Yay for you, _________! You made a guy smile!

"No. But most people don't notice me." You glanced around; noticing that the sun was beginning it's decent. The male noticed as well, and whimpered. You wondered if he was in some sort of trouble.

"Well, what's your name?"

"Matthew . . ." You stood up, offering your hand to the shy male, who after a few moments, took your hand with a shy smile.

"Well, Matthew, I'm ___________. How's about letting me get you something to drink and eat, hmm? Is there anything you particularly want?" His eyes went wide, and he shook his head.

"Oh no, that's not—" You cut him off by squeezing his hand reassuringly, then you began leading him towards the closest restaurant, which happened to be an iHop. You always wondered how them and Apple got along, but enough of the horrible comedy from the author. "You really don't have to—"

"Matthew, you look like you're down on your luck. Let me help you." His cheeks burned at your cooing tone. You didn't realize how cute this guy was in the lighting, but now you couldn't help but stare. His blond hair was a bit dim from some dirt, and it didn't look like it had been washed, but still it was beautiful. There were minor scuffs on his cheek and clothes, but he didn't look too bad. Then again, when you touched his arm, it felt so weak and scrawny. "Table for two please!"

You didn't order anything but a cup of hot chocolate, since you wanted to use what money you had on Matthew until payday. He was really uncomfortable with the whole ordeal, but you reassured him several times it was perfectly fine. "What'll you have, Sweetie," an older woman asked, grasping her pen from her white hair. Matthew glanced over the menu, shyly looking towards you.

"Go on Matthew. Order what you want," you encouraged, seeing him blush and glance over the menu again. He mumbled something, but the waitress hadn't heard him. You did. "He'll take the Grandfather's breakfast, please."

"Is that all?" She gave you a look, as if to say 'you should order, since I know you're going to shove your face when you get home'. You kindly smiled, though that was incredibly rude.

"Yep~! Thank you very much." She shrugged and walked away, leaving Matthew to you. Though you didn't want to pressure him, you couldn't help but be curious.

"H-hey . . . Matthew?" He looked at you when his name left your lips, eyes curious behind his thin glasses. "Your accent, what is it? I wanna take a guess but I don't want to seem ignorant."

"O-oh that's OK! I'm actually Canadian and French."

"Wow, that's cool." He blushed under the praising words, averting his eyes to his cup of slightly warmed milk. You giggled softly, enjoying the flustered expression.

"I-I guess . . ."

"How did you get all the way here, if you don't mind me asking." He seemed edgy, but shrugged with a small smile.

"I was bused here at first . . . Then I walked to where you picked me up."

"Goodness . . . Are you OK? You know, you're not running away or anything, right?" You gave him a sympathy stare; your hand reaching over to pat his that was cupping his mug. He gave a small smile once more, showing bravery despite whatever circumstances he was under. He wasn't able to answer, though, because his breakfast platter came, with eggs, bacon, toast, and a huge stack of pancakes. The waitress set the fancy small pitcher of syrup beside his plate, smiling.

"There you go, Sweetie!" She gave me another glare, then shuffled along to her next table. I watched as Matthew glanced over the food in awe. I felt a beg of sadness. How long was it since he ate last . . .? Your phone buzzed to life in your pocket, making you immediately press it onto your ear.

"Hello?" Matthew paused from eating, giving you a curious stare. You shooed him to eat while you heard your boss speak of a schedule change. You sighed as you found out you had to work tomorrow. It was a long shift too, since you had morning classes. You sighed and agreed to your boss before hanging up, giving the curious Canadian a tired smile. "So . . ." You stopped as he putted a bit at his hoodie, showing a bar code on his collar. You knew he didn't mean to do that, but it was showing there as plain as day. "You're a Hetaloid," you realized aloud. Matthew flinched, his face crestfallen. He stared at you with watery, large eyes that held fear in them. "That's so awesome!"

". . . W-what?"

"Gosh, I should have known! You're so amazing!" You eagerly squealed a bit, covering your mouth with giggles. Matthew looked completely confused as you spazzed out. "I'm sorry, but I've been seeing all kinds of Hetaloids around, and I've always wanted one, so I'm sorry—"

"You want me?" His tone was soft, still holding a tinge of fear. You slowed your energetic state to blink your eyes at him, wondering who wouldn't want him. A frown came across your face, and you grabbed his unused hand. "My previous owner kicked me out a few towns over . . . Well, actually, she forgot about me, since she got a new Hetaloid . . ."

"Oh my gawd, Matthew . . . I'm so sorry!" You reached over the table and hugged him tightly, being careful not to disturb the food there. The Canadian sniffled, his arms grasping your back. "Listen; I'll take you in. You'll live with me!" You smiled brightly, leaning away so he could continue eating. Just like that a hopeful expression appeared on his face, eyes twinkling.

"R-really?" You nodded, giving a large smile. "Thank you so much, _________."

"You're welcome, Matthew. I'd be so happy with you living with me." He blushed a scarlet, and so did you as you realized what exactly you said. It sounded like you two were a couple . . . "E-eh, forget I said anything, just eat!" You laughed softly, making him smile.
Sadly, this might just be a one-shot ;.;
I really am a spacey person, so I shouldn't start fanfic series that I won't end up working on for months because I lose the idea or inspiration. If I do continue this, it would be dragged on like my others. So I sorry for the long wait on all of my fics, but I'm trying~

Canada belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconukecanadaplz:

Image is not mine. I got it from: [link]
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I like this story it was pretty interesting. The idea of a unit being tossed out because they are old models is pretty interesting, and it's not an idea that I have really seen before. Anyway, as I said before this was a great story. :)
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If you don't like something
Then by all means
The back button is just a click away.
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